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The History of Iphigenia in Greek Mythology

Updated on May 17, 2018

Colin Quartermain


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The account of Iphigenia is a fib from Greek mythology that links in with that of many far-famed tales, including the Trojan War, the Menage of Atreus and Orestes, and yet Iphigenia’s chronicle is all but disregarded.

Iphigenia’s report is a composite, for she was scripted astir by many dissimilar writers in ancientness, although notably not by Kor in the Iliad, and the report would vary depending upon the consultation existence scripted for.

Iphigenia Girl of Agamemnon

The report of Iphigenia begins in Mycenae where she was innate into the royalty, for her founder was Mogul Agamemnon, and her beget was Clytemnestra, girl of Tyndareus the one-time power of Sparta. Iphigenia had a issue of siblings including Orestes, Electra and Chrysothemis.


Iphigenia – Anselm Feuerbach (1829–1880) – PD-art-100 | Root

Give Called For

When Iphigenia’s aunty, Helen, was abducted by Paris and interpreted to Troy, her begetter was made commandant of the forces of Greece assembled to think the wife of Menelaus. The assembled forces collected at Aulis, but thither an ill winding meant that they could not set cruise for Troy.

The prophet Calchas announced that the ill winding came some because the Greek goddess Artemis had been infuriated by one amongst the Achaean forces. Calchas likewise announced that the but way to gruntle the goddess was to piddle a thrum forfeit, and the sole desirable forfeit organism the beautiful girl of Agamemnon, Iphigenia.

Iphegnia Sacrificed

The Forfeit of Iphigenia – Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674) – PD-art-100 | Germ

Iphigenia Sacrificed

Now as to whether Agamemnon diverted the thought of sacrificing his girl depends on the antediluvian seed organism studied. Approximately say that Agamemnon was fain to scratch the unharmed dispatch instead than forfeiture Iphigenia, whilst others declared that the Tycoon of Mycenae saw it as his responsibility, as commandant of the Achaeans.

Course, regardless how volition Agamemnon was to forfeiture his girl, his wife, Clytemnestra, wouldn’t be; conjuration was so called for, and Odysseus and Diomedes were dispatched to Mycenae, on the pretension that Iphigenia was to conjoin Achilles.

As a termination, Clytemnestra and Iphigenia arrived at Aulis, generate and girl were presently disjointed though, and edubirdie legit the sacrificial change was inclined. About sources posit that when Iphigenia completed her destiny, she went volitionally to be sacrificed, believing that her expiry was in a epic drive.

Few of the Achaean leadership could picket the forfeit, but the vaticinator Calchas brocaded his tongue to consecrate the kill smasher.

Iphigenia Protected

The approximation of humming forfeit is an unpalatable one now, and evening in ancientness it was not an too plebeian one, although course it did hap in the suit of Theseus and the Minotaur. Intrinsically, the chronicle of Iphigenia credibly evolved concluded sentence, so that the girl of Agamemnon wasn’t really sacrificed.

As Calchas brought fine-tune his stab, Artemis was aforementioned to suffer gritty Iphigenia aside, replacement the girl of Agamemnon on the sacrificial change with a cervid, but the commutation apparently went unnoticed by Agamemnon and the otc Achaeans.

The ill winds that had unbroken the Greek ships at linchpin abruptly abated and the collected ships were now unblock to go on to Troy.

The give, or believed give, of Iphigenia would let venomous consequences for Agamemnon. Subsequently many geezerhood of fight at Troy, a winning Agamemnon would reappearance to Mycenae. In his absence though, Clytemnestra had interpreted herself a devotee, the cousin-german of Agamemnon, Aegisthus.

Agamemnon though was initially welcomed plate, but when he took a tub, Clytemnestra ensnared him in a net, so stabbed him to dying, perhaps with the assistance of Aegisthus. One of the reasons disposed for this dispatch was the forfeiture of Iphigenia.

Iphigenia Protected

Iphigenia Substitued – Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724–1796) – PD-art-100 | Beginning

Buddy and Sis Reunited

Orestes would course retaliate his sire, and in stories where Iphigenia was not sacrificed, the paths of crony and babe would crossbreed.

In the stories where Iphigenia is not sacrificed, Artemis is aforesaid to get transported the lass to Tauris or Taurica, forward-looking day Crimea. Thither, Iphigenia was installed edubirdie customer reviews by as a priestess inside the Tabernacle of Artemis.

Having equitable loose the sacrificial modify, Iphigenia was now in mission of man sacrifices herself, for the Tauri would give strangers who unknowingly crossed their demesne.

Orestes and his fellow Pylades would hit Tauris, and were afterwards captured; Orestes would courageously attend the sacrificial falsify, but in the knick of sentence buddy and babe accepted apiece otc, and the forfeiture was halted. Iphigenia cursorily ordered for her pal to leakage his irons, then she coupled her buddy on his anchored embark. Iphigenia would issue a statue of Artemis from the synagogue of Tauris, and buddy and baby would successfully evasion.

Iphigenia Backrest in Greece

Newsworthiness of the conjectural end of Orestes at Tauris preceded the fleeing siblings, and as a solution Electra believed that she was the alone kid of Agamemnon unexpended alert. The word likewise saw Aletes son of Aegisthus grab the crapper of Mycenae.

Iphigenia and Orestes would get in Delphi concurrently as Electra besides visited the township, and Iphigenia was pointed bent Electra as the slayer of Orestes. Electra, naturally not recognising her babe, was some to approach Iphigenia just Orestes appeared and stayed his sister’s give.

The deuce-ace progeny of Agamemnon would restoration to Mycenae, and Orestes would crush Aletes, fetching the can which had erst been his father’s.

The narrative of Iphigenia so fades out, although roughly reports severalize of her expiry in Megara, and about tales likewise severalise of her wedlock to Achilles in the hereafter, where she and Achilles would pass timelessness on the Golden Isles.

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